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The Great Britain - Russia society is a charitable organisation which aims to promote cultural understanding between the UK and Russia. Our aim is to hold a minimum of twelve topical, interesting and informative lecture meetings each year, at least one in each calendar month. We aim to invite leading specialists. Normally receptions will start at 6.1 5p.m. and the talks at either 6.45 p.m. or 7.00 p.m. to be followed by questions and discussion. Talks may cover also all the republics of the former USSR, many now members of the CIS. There will be three sessions per year (September-December, January-April, and May-July), and we aim to have at least one lecture per session in Russian. We shall communicate with all paid up members three times a year, advising them of the meetings in the following session. The journal will be despatched at the same time. The books will be sent free of charge from the publisher to the reviewer, who will be allowed to keep the book, unless the reviewer is willing to augment our Society's funds by offering the book for auction at one of our meetings (with a reserve price) or having it sold to a University Library. We aim for a large, active and enthusiastic membership. We aim to recruit new members from amongst University undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and academics. However, we shall welcome all new members who will abide by the Constitution of the Society, a copy of which can be made available to all paid up members. Like its predecessors the Society is dedicated to Anglo Russian dialogue in a spirit of friendship, frankness and objectivity, and the spread of knowledge, understanding and cultural exchanges. Bring some friends as guests and persuade them to become members! There is also a large community of Russians in London, possibly around 100,000 people. We aim to keep membership subscriptions and the charges for meetings as low and as affordable as possible, and as a long term policy - in order to generate a vigorous revival in membership numbers.


With a Standing Order Mandate annual membership costs are £17 (individual) & £20 (joint husband & wife). Without the Mandate, subscriptions cost £20 (individual) & £23 (joint). Commercial/professional corporate membership is £100. Small academic corporate memberships start from £20. All annual memberships are due on July 15th. Late joiners’ subscription fees are reduced by £5 for each copy of the Journal missed. Please pay by standing order (it saves us time & saves you money). Click here to download the application form


BEARR TRUST CONFERENCE ON HIV/AIDS IN EASTERN EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10 You are warmly invited to attend the BEARR annual conference on 10 November at 32-36 Loman Street, SE1 OEH on the theme of HIV/AIDS in the BEARR region - bucking the trend ? We shall be looking st HIV/AIDS trends in the countries of the region, policy responses from governments, intervention and support from NGOs and the international community and public awareness. There will be presentations by highly qualified speakers from the region. The programme and details of how to book can be found on the BEARR website. Cost is £45 or £25 for full time students and registered friends of the BEARR trust. The price includes lunch, tea and coffee and a glass of wine at the end. Please book by 5 November and as early as possible as places are limited. Booking link is https://bearr-hivaids-conference.eventbrite.co.uk

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