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Winter Edition 2005
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Journal: Winter Edition 2005
From the Chair (Article by Daniel Salbstein)
The Russian National Anthem and the problem of National Identity in the 21st Century (Article by Imogen Wade)
Inside Putin’s Russia (Politics by Andrew Jack)
Towards a More Inclusive Society: The evolving role of NGOs in Russia and the region (Society by Dora O’Brien)
Russo-Japanese Relations 1905 to the 1950s (Politics by Peter Gysin)
Khrushchev the Liberator (Politics by Brian Murphy)
Recent Russian Films in the UK (Film by Martin Dewhirst)
Finding Dzhulynka (Film by Vera Liber)
Russian National Mail (Theatre by Vera Liber)
London Exhibitions (Arts by Ann Kodicek)
Ulyana Lopatkina: Kirov Principal (Interview by Natasha Dissanayake)
The ROSSICA Translation Prize, 2005 (Article by Martin Dewhirst)
Comrade Pavlik: The Rise and Fall of a Soviet Boy Hero (Review by Martin Dewhirst)
Russia’s Empires: Their Rise and Fall from Prehistory to Putin (Review by Marcus Wheeler)
The Soviet Century / Stalin’s Folly / Engineering Communism (Review by Martin McCauley)
A History of Russia (Review by Philip Longworth)
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