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Spring Edition 2006
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Journal: Spring Edition 2006
The Other Russian Revolution (Religion by Dr. Rowan Williams)
The Zone. A visit to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Belarus (Chernobyl by Daryl Hardman)
A New Home for the Pushkin Club (Special Report by David Brummell)
Promoting Inclusive Education in Moscow (Report by Stella Rock/Robina Mallett/Natalia Yakovleva)
Evgeny Pasternak in Cambridge (Pasternak by Dora O’Brien)
Quiet Resistance/Tikhoe Soprotivlenie (Photography by Ann Kodicek)
Gherman Retrospective (Film by Martin Dewhirst and Vera Liber)
Odna (Alone) (Music by Martin Anderson)
The Grand Inquisitor (Theatre by Vera Liber and Martin Dewhirst)
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