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Winter Edition 2003-04
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Journal: Winter Edition 2003-04
The Dancer Defects: The Struggle for Cultural Supremacy during the Cold War (Culture by Michael Pursglove)
Comrades: The Rise and Fall of World Communism (Ideology by Martin Dewhirst)
Griboedov and Khmelita (Memoirs by John C.Q. Roberts)
Furious Vissarion: Belinskii's Struggle for Literature, Love and Ideas (Biography by Roger Cockrell)
The Taste of Dreams: An Obsession with Russia and Caviar (Travel by Martin Dewhirst)
Summerfolk: A History of the Dacha, 1710-2000 (Social History by James MacDonald)
Saint Petersburg. Museums, Palaces and Historic Collections / The Chinese Palace at Oranienbaum. (Sightseeing by Catherine Cooke)
Mitrofan Petrovich Belaieff (Biography by Richard Beattie Davis)
Nine of Russia’s Foremost Women Writers / Stamp Album: A Collection of People, Things, Relationships and Words (New Literature by Leta Elliott)
Poetry: Spring Night (Poetry by A Member)
Playing the Victim / Three Sisters (Theatre by Vera Liber)
Manchester Prokofiev 2003 Symposium Weekend (Music by Kristian Hibberd)
London Film Festival (Film by Martin Dewhirst / Dora O’Brien)
The Anglo-Russian School for the Deaf: ten years on (Article by Michael Pursglove)
Russia and Japan before 1904-05 (Pt. I) (Article by Peter Gysin)
Some special things that keep Georgia on my mind (Article by Donald Ridley)
The Nobel Prize Should Have Gone to Lt. Ivanov (Russian Press by T. Bateneva, S. Leskov)
The Unknown Stalin (History by Martin McCauley)
Stalinist Values: The Cultural Norms of Soviet Modernity [1917-1941] (History by Mel Dadswell)
A View from the chair (Article by Daniel Salbstein)
Editor's Note (Article by Mel Dadswell)
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