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Spring Edition 2004
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Journal: Spring Edition 2004
Inside Putin’s Russia / Putin’s Progress / Putin: Russia’s Choice (Review by Rodric Braithwaite)
Grabbing the Purse Strings: Mr Putin’s Re-centralisation of the Public Finances in Russia (Economics by Philip Hanson)
The Bronze Horseman: Falconet’s Monument to Peter the Great (Art History by Lindsey Hughes)
The Black Sea: A History (Review by Beryl Williams)
Forms of Social Solidarity in Russia and the Soviet Union, Part 1 (History by Geoffrey Hosking)
Transforming Russia – from military to peace economy (Review by Tony Wolstenholme)
The White Russian Community in London, Part III (Reminiscences by Irene Katchourin)
Rising ‘44 (History by Donald Davidson)
The Naked Pioneer Girl (Fiction by James MacDonald)
Royal Court Jerwood Theatre International Playwrights Season 2004 (Theatre by Vera Liber)
Stalin. The Court of the Red Tsar / Koba the Dread (History by Brook Horowitz)
The Diary of a Soviet Schoolgirl 1932-1937 (Memoirs by Susan Tegel)
Vixi: Memoirs of a Non-Belonger (Memoirs by Daniel Salbstein)
What did happen to the Soviet Union? Some Causes and Consequences (Polemic by Ivan Sovokin)
Youth, Risk and Russian Modernity (Sociology by Thomasin Westcott)
Catherine Cooke – A Tribute (Obituary by Kathy Berton Murrell)
A View from the Chair (Article by Daniel Salbstein)
Editor's Note (Article by Mel Dadswell)
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