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constitution for the EGM

2nd February 2003

Dear members,
Here is a slightly amended version of the constitution which will be discussed
and voted on at our EGM on Thursday 27th February beginning at 6p.m in
room 3E at ULU (University of London Union) in Malet Street.
Please bring your copy with you and we look forward to seeing you there.
If you cannot attend and would like to comment, please e-mail the
membership by 23rd February.


“The London Russia Society”


The name of the Society shall be “The London Russia Society”.

The aims of the Society shall be to keep its members informed about the historical and cultural background, the economic, political, social life and trends in Russia and in all the former republics of the USSR through a programme of lectures, meetings and social gatherings as well as through the distribution of a magazine containing articles, reminiscences and reviews of recently published work relevant to the interests of the Society

Membership shall be open to those paying the annual subscription, preferably by Banker’s Standing Order.
Application for membership shall be received by the Hon Treasurer (or other members of the Committee) and reported to the next meeting of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the power to remove any name from the list of members but the person concerned shall have a right of appeal to a General Meeting.

Past and present members of the Society who have given exceptional service to the Society or who have distinguished themselves particularly in the field of British – Russian relations may be invited to become Honorary Life Members of the Association.

The Officers of the Society shall be:
The following Non-Executive Officers
The President
Up to Six Vice Presidents
The Non Executive Officers shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and adopted at an Annual General Meeting

The following Executive Officers
The Chairman
The Hon Secretary
The Hon Treasurer
The Hon Membership Secretary
The Hon Editor of the Journal
Other committee members who shall number not more than nine

The management of the Society shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of all the Executive Officers, of whom three shall constitute a quorum. If the Executive Committee consists of nine members, then five of them shall constitute a quorum.
In the absence of the Chairman the Committee shall elect a Chairman from amongst its members to preside at that given meeting of the Committee.

Officers of the Society
The Officers of the Executive Committee shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Society, and their decisions shall be reversed only by a two thirds majority at a General Meeting.
Members of the Executive Committee shall not serve continuously for more than three years without re-election. Any casual vacancy in membership of the committee shall be filled at the earliest opportunity by the committee, and any member so co-opted shall serve until the following Annual General Meeting. All members of the Society except Associate members shall be eligible to stand for election.

Subscriptions shall be determined each year by the Executive Committee, and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.
Members who are more than two months in arrears in payment of their subscription shall be deemed to have forfeited their membership of the Society.

The Hon Treasurer shall be responsible for producing an Annual Statement of Income & Expenditure.
The financial year shall end on June 30th of each year.
The Annual General Meeting shall confirm the appointment of a professionally qualified Accountant to act as Auditor of the Accounts.

The first AGM shall be held in the calendar year after the Society shall have been created. Annual General Meetings shall be held ion September or October of each year. Notice of meetings with the agenda and statement of Accounts for the previous financial year shall be sent to each member at least 21 days before the meeting. Notice of all items for discussion at the meeting shall be sent in writing and received by the Hon Secretary or Hon Treasurer at least 14 days before the meeting.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Hon Secretary at the request of the Presdident or of not less than forty members of the Society. Notice of an EGM shall be sent to each member at least 21 days before the meeting, stating the purpose for which it is being called. No other business may be transacted.
The Chair at all meetings shall be taken by either the President or the Chairman, order of precedence being reserved for the President if he or she requests it. In the absence of both President and Chairman the Chair shall be taken by the Hon Secretary or another Executive Officer.

Any amendments to the Constitution shall become effective if approved by a two thirds majority at an Annual General Meeting, and such amendments shall be communicated to all members.

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