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(Fwd) IOR Intercultural Programme

12th March 2003

Dear members,
I have been asked to forward this to members.
Please reply directly to Elizabeth Dalling, e-mail address below.

——- Forwarded message follows ——-

> Dear Sir / Madam,
> I am contacting you from IOR Global Services to see if you might be able
> to help me find a Russian businessperson in London to take part in an
> intercultural training programme I am resourcing. The programme is for a
> Russian businesswoman who has recently relocated to the UK and is taking
> place next Tuesday 18th March 2003 here in central London (Embankment).
> No formal presentation is required and the trainer will lead the
> discussion, which will last 2 hours (in the afternoon) and cover
> differences in business culture between the UK and Russia. No specialised
> cultural knowledge is needed; just the ability to compare and contrast the
> two business cultures based on personal experience. The style of the IOR
> intercultural training programme is informal and interactive. Please see
> the attached guidelines.
> We would pay an honorarium to the person taking part.
> The participant will be working as Regional Finance Manager (Europe) for
> the client company, so someone with financial experience in both Russia
> and the UK would be a bonus, though we can be flexible on that and would
> like to speak to anyone with business experience in both cultures.
> To give you some background: IOR Global Services was established in 1979
> and is a leading independent provider of expatriate services, dealing with
> all aspects of preparation for work in a new culture. IOR supports its
> clients’ objectives through customised programmes and consulting services,
> including intercultural training, language training and repatriation
> programmes.
> Please contact me as soon as possible on 0207 930 7090 or at this email to
> let me know of anyone with business experience in Russia and the UK who
> might be appropriate.
> Thank you for your help and kind regards,
> Elizabeth Dalling
> <> [enclosed below]
> ————————————————–
> Elizabeth Dalling
> Resourcing Manager EMEA
> IOR Global Services
> Suite 55
> 3 Whitehall Court
> London SW1A 2EL
> Tel: +44 (0) 207 930 7090
> Fax: +44 (0) 207 930 7088
> Email: click here
> Website: www.iorworld.com
> IOR Global Services – Developing Your Global Workforce:
> *Intercultural Training
> *Language Training
> *Destination Assistance
> *Intercultural Team Development



Conducting business internationally is a key topic addressed by IOR’s intercultural orientation programme. Business discussions are not intended to give prescriptive advice on particular issues, but rather to acquaint participants with viewpoints on the challenges of working in a specific international environment, and to highlight some effective strategies for adapting to the differences.

Your challenge in this session, one of several in this programme, is to portray your own understanding of the business culture using ideas and examples from your own experiences. This will help participants interpret the culture as they encounter it and help them become more comfortable in both personal and professional interactions in the host country.

Many participants look for the reassurance of similarities between cultures. They want to believe that modern technology and global business have standardised the world and minimised differences. While we recognise that participants need to know many things will be comfortable and familiar, this is not the main aim of this session.

It is more beneficial for participants to gain a sense of differences in behaviour and approach to life from someone who can share direct experiences. In hearing alternate interpretations of life, they begin to understand that differences are not necessarily right or wrong, but that they can be meaningful.

Many people are not comfortable talking about personal matters, but an honest interchange of personal ideas and experiences regarding the destination culture is a significant opportunity for learning about the international environment.


This session should help participants:

1. Increase understanding of how the destination culture’s value system impacts business functions and relationships.

2. Identify strategies for adapting business performance to the destination culture.


IOR programmes focus on the delivery of information and how the information can be used, and provide opportunities for the participants to apply information and synthesise concepts. This is accomplished through interactive learning activities that are facilitated by the IOR trainer. When designing the activities, the trainer will build in ways for you to provide information to the participants. While a presentation format may be required for some programmes, whenever possible, IOR uses alternatives to presentations.

As a Country Resource, you are an integral part of this comprehensive training process. You provide much of the information which participants use to prepare for their intercultural interactions. More importantly, they synthesise their own experiences and understanding with your insights to facilitate their personal and professional lives in the new culture.

The IOR trainer will work closely with you. In order to maximise the transfer of your knowledge and experience to the participants, we would like you to focus on providing the content of the session as prompted by the IOR trainer.

IOR Trainer Role:

The IOR Trainer is the overall facilitator in the session. In this capacity, he/she has the following responsibilities:
” Formulate session objectives.
” Briefing the Country Resource before the programme by phone and/or in writing. The trainer briefs the Country Resource regarding the session objectives, needs of the participants, Country Resource role, and necessary preparation.
” Design and facilitate the session activities.
” Evaluate the Country Resource’s work.

Country Resource’s Role:

You are primarily an intercultural informant and content expert. This includes the following responsibilities:
” Provide information, concepts, ideas, strategies, perspectives, and stories from personal experience.
” Participate in the session activities according to the trainer’s design and guidelines.
” Accomplish any necessary pre-programme preparation.

Before every programme, the responsible IOR trainer will contact you for a programme briefing. We look forward to your continued contributions and co-operation.

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