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Documentary on Chechnya

12th June 2003

Dear members,
Dochouse has asked us to forward this to you. Please contact them directly for information.

Dear GB Russia,
you may find the information below of interest to yourself and your members. We are a non-profit organisation and hence cannot offer money to put this on your site; however we would appreciate your circulating this to anyone who may like to attend this screening. If you know of any Russian or Chechen societies in London, by all means let me know.

Many thanks for your time,

Sophie Mulphin

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Sunday 22nd June at 4pm
The Making of A New Empire
Director: Jos de Putter
Netherlands 1999 98 min

Grozny, capital of Chechnya. After years of war against the Russian army, the city is still devastated. War continues to flare up. For hundreds of years, this region has been known as the Wild East; now some refer to it as Mafia country, where anarchy rules. Yet it is from here that people plan the future of the Caucasus, a future that is based on the old traditions of clans, on deep religious feelings, and on the law of blood revenge. The Making of a New Empire is a portrait of a man and his country at a decisive moment in history. Twenty-five years ago Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev founded a Moscow-based underground movement, which later became known as the widely feared Chechen mafia. To the Chechens, however, it was the cradle of their liberation movement. Noukhayev falls within the Chechen tradition of bandit-warrior. He is godfather, escaped convict, war hero, publicity manager and visionary. Through him we learn about the mystical and proud, but also violent, history of the Ch
echen people. And we get a glimpse of the future, because this region controls the oil pipes from the Caspian sea, some of the biggest oil reserves in the world.

After June 22nd DocHouse is taking a Summer break. Screenings will begin again in September with an exciting season of the ?Best of British?


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