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reception tonight at the Whitespace Gallery

17th March 2004

Dear all,
We have received this message from the Whitespace Gallery.

Dear friends, today is the opening of Tatiana Antoshina’s
Please, come!

Tatiana Antoshina Museum of a Woman
Private View: 17 March , 6 – 9 pm (in the presence of the

18 March – 7 April , 2004

White Space Gallery
St Peter’s, Vere Street
London W1G ODQ

Tatiana Antoshina Queen of the Night (Europe series) 2002

White Space Gallery is pleased to present the works of Tatiana
Antoshina, one of the most challenging and provocative of woman
artists working in Russia today. Antoshina is an artist who
actively explores and playfully subverts gender roles in her art
practice and this will be the first London exhibition of these

The exhibition will include the photographic series Museum of a
Woman, a parodic view of classical paintings, alongside her
porcelain portraits/sculptures which were featured in After the
Wall (Moderna Museet, 1998) and depict the Russian performance
artists, Alexander Brenner and Oleg Kulik.

The highlight of this exhibition will be her new photographic
series Europe (2002/4) in which among other images, Europe is
portrayed as a nude elderly woman breast-feeding the infamous
cloned sheep Dolly.

Antoshina’s Museum of a Woman is as much a reaction to the
newfound Russian democracy as to the persistence of ‘artistic’
boy’s clubs, despite the increasing recognition of a history of
great woman artists from Russia inside and outside the country.
Antoshina’s identity as an artist is based on a critical
awareness of her position as a woman artist in this situation.
Antoshina depicts Woman, who is usually considered the sexual
object of a male gaze, as a remodelled form of active subject,
reversing the roles normally assigned to women in classical
works. Instead of the female nudes pictured by Ingres in his
Turkish baths, Antoshina represents an ensemble of seductive
naked men. Similarly, in her new project Europe, she is
portraying a group of young men sitting in homage to an elderly
woman, whose body and actions reveal her authority, dignity and
experience. The model for these works is Pani Bronya, aged 73.
In her new works, Bronya’s elderly nude figure becomes a mythic
representation for an ageing Europe, where today the proportion
of elderly people in the population is increasing despite
society’s apparent fear of ageing and its fascination with youth.

In her similarly ‘ironic monuments to Kulik and Brenner’
Antoshina freezes their ephemeral and radical performance acts
in the traditional technique of porcelain, a medium over-
identified with applied female crafts. This is typical of
Antoshina’s use of varying media and materials and knowingly
references both Jeff Koons and Judy Chicago’s use of the same
media, while offering her own very unique monuments to Russia’s
art history.

Tatiana Antoshina was born in 1959 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.
Active since early nineties, Tatiana Antoshina has been included
in numerous international exhibitions, including “After the
Wall”, Moderna Muzeet, Stockholm in 1998, “Art against
Geography”, The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg in
2000, “Women In Art”, Bergen Museum of Art and Science,
New Jersey in 2001, “Woman in Russian Art”, State Tretyakov
Gallery, Moscow in 2002; “НА КУРОРТ! RUSSISCHE KUNST
HEUTE”, The Kunsthalle Baden-Baden in 2004. Major solo
exhibitions have included “Museum of Woman”, Guelman Gallery,
Moscow in 1997; “Museum of Woman”, Florence Lynch Gallery, New
York in 2001, Voyeurism Alisa Gay or about young men’s life,
Guelman’s gallery, Moscow in 2002; ‘I Love”, The Overcoat
Gallery, Moscow. Her works are in Bremen Museum of
Contemporary Art; Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Kolodzei Art
Foundation and private collections. Tatiana Antoshina lives and
works in Moscow.

Exhibition open Mon – Fri, 11- 6, Sat 11- 5. Closed Sunday.
Exhibition is free.

White Space Gallery St Peter’s, Vere Street (off Oxford Street),
London W1G ODQ. Tube: Bond Street
Tel. 07949 100 956 or 0208 740 4675

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