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Pushkin House

7th July 2004

Dear all,
I have been asked to forward this to you all. If you have any
comments, please contact the trustees whose e-mail addresses are
at the end of the text.
Thank you and best wishes

“Forum Houses Limited, the registered charity responsible for
Pushkin House at 46 Ladbroke Grove, has announced that it plans
to sell the house in order to create a new Russian cultural
centre in London.

For many years it has been clear that the house is a hugely
under-used resource, whose significance to Russian culture now
falls far short of the vision of its founders. Ideally the house
would have provided a major focus for Russian culture in London
and for Anglo-Russian cultural dialogue, but after a lengthy
process of consultation, the Trustees of Forum Houses have
concluded that the current premises are no longer suitable for
these purposes. They have therefore decided to sell the house,
and with the proceeds and the help and generosity of donors, to
set up a new Russian cultural centre in London which will meet
both the needs of the Russian community and of British people
interested in Russian culture.

Pushkin House, which was founded in 1954 by Maria Kullmann and
others as a gathering place for those interested in Russian
culture, continues to house the Pushkin Club, a literary and
cultural society, which meets in one of the rooms approximately
16 times a year. The other 10 rooms are used as low cost
accomodation for students and academics who are mostly
unconnected with Russian culture. The Trustees believe that
times have changed since Pushkin House was originally set up:
the resources generated from the sale of the House will be used
to promote Russian culture in London on a far larger scale.

The Trustees wish to make it absolutely clear that they are and
remain deeply committed to the ideals of Pushkin House and to
serving Russian culture in Britain. Their sole aim is not to
squander the heritage of Pushkin House, but to create a new
Pushkin House worthy of that heritage. The vision of a Russian
cultural centre in London is not new, but has never been
achieved. The sale of the house provides an unparalleled
opportunity to turn this vision into a reality. The Trustees
very much hope that this
important initiative will have the enthusiastic support of the
Russian community and of all who love Russian culture.
Dear all,

The Trustees include Bishop Basil, the head of the Russian
Orthodox Church in Great Britain (Moscow patriarchate) and Simon
Franklin, Professor of Russian Studies at Cambridge University.
Irina Kirillova MBE and Kitty Stidworthy who were co-founders of
the House and the Club along with Maria Kullmann are also

The Trustees will be intensifying the consultation process with
the Russian and British communities and would welcome inputs and
contributions from individuals and organisations interested in
becoming involved in this exciting project.

Please contact the Trustees by emailing Simon Franklin on
[removed] or Brook Horowitz on [removed]

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