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27th October 2004

Dear All

I received the below from Geraldine Norman:

Friends of the Hermitage
25 November 2004, 18.00, £5 (please pay at the door, 150 seats)
Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre, Courtauld Institute of Art
Somerset House, Strand
A lecture, jointly organised with Learning at Somerset House, to celebrate the exhibition in the Hermitage Rooms at Somerset House, Circling the Square: Avant-Garde Porcelain from Revolutionary Russia

Russian Revolutionary and Propaganda Porcelain

by the leading expert in the field, Princess Nina Lobanov-Rostovsky, author of Revolutionary Ceramics: Soviet Porcelain 1917-1927 (Studio Vista , 1990) and a well known collector of Russian theatre design. Princess Lobanov writes:

Porcelain and propaganda have been linked from the time porcelain was first produced in China in the sixth century and Chinese emperors used it as gifts to flaunt the unique treasures of their realm. Later, the French Revolution, the Crimean War, the Boer War and the First World War were fought, not only with guns, but also with propaganda in the form of plates, pitchers and figurines.

However, it was the Soviet leaders, immediately after the October Revolution of 1917, who had the idea of using porcelain as a systematic means of propaganda within Russia and abroad. Stacks of unpainted, glazed platters, plates, cups and saucers found in the imperial factory were transformed into message- bearers for the revolution. What better way to get into people's homes in those pre-radio days than with a plateful of propaganda? Talented artists, under the guidance of Sergei Chekhonin, decorated the porcelain in a variety of styles from flower-decorated slogans to Suprematism. The lecture and slides will describe the various facets of Russian revolutionary porcelain.

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Could you send your invoice by email? Or to my postal
address: 5 Seaford Court, 220 Great Portland St., London W1W 5QR. Very many
Geraldine Norman
Secretary, Friends of the Hermitage

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