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12th January 2005

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> 10 – 27 Jan 2004
> Larissa Shepitko Retrospective
> At the time of her tragic death in 1979, Ukrainian-born Larissa Shepitko had
established herself as one of the most important Russian filmmakers of her
generation. She left behind a small but remarkable body of work including her
1976 masterpiece, The Ascent.
> 10 – 12 Jan 6.15pm (10th only); 8.30pm
> The Ascent (Voskhozhdeniye)
> '> Extraordinary> …> a remarkable piece of work> '> Variety
> A poetic powerhouse, with some truly breathtaking cinematography, Shepitko> '>
s final film depicts the plight of doomed Soviet partisans in Nazi-occupied
Belorussia who are captured and tortured by Germans and their local
collaborators. The film stands as a symbolic retelling of the crucifixion.
Winner of the Golden Bear at the 1977 Berlin Film Festival.
> Dir Larissa Shepitko, Soviet Union 1976, 111 mins, Subs
> 11 – 12 Jan, 6.30pm
> You and Me (Ty I Ya)
> Shepitko> '> s third feature confirmed her reputation as a world-class
filmmaker, telling the story of two surgeons who betray an early promise to
pursue comfortable lives and false values in later life. When one of the pair
tires of luxury, he returns to his native Siberia to resume a local practice.
> Dir Larissa Shepitko, Soviet Union 1971, 97 mins, Subs
> 17 – 18 Jan, 6.30pm
> Farewell (Proshchaniye s Matyoroj)
> '> One of the most important Soviet films of the decade> '> Variety
> Shepitko had just begun location work on Farewell when she was killed in a car
crash. Completed by her husband, director Elem Klimov, it became one of the key
works of Glasnost cinema. The film concerns a 300-year-old Siberian peasant
community that is forced to relocate to a set of faceless apartment blocks.
> Dir Elem Klimov, Soviet Union 1983, 108 mins, Subs
> 19 – 21 Jan, 6.30pm
> Heat (Znoj)
> Shot in gruelling conditions on the barren steppes, the film renders serious
political drama as a cowboy showdown when an idealistic high school graduate
goes to work on a state farm, only to clash with its authoritarian Stalinist
> Dir Larissa Shepitko, Soviet Union 1963, 85 mins, Subs
> 19 – 21 Jan, 8.30pm
> Wings (Krylya)
> '> A milestone in the development of Soviet cinema> '> Variety
> Shepitko> '> s controversial second feature cleverly dramatises the
awkwardness of the post-war generation gap. The film features an outstanding
performance by Maya Bulgakova as Nadezha Petrovna – once-famous fighter pilot
and loyal Stalinist who, at 41-years-old, becomes a provincial schoolmistress.
> Dir Larissa Shepitko, Soviet Union 1966, 90 mins, Subs
> 26 – 27 Jan, 6.30pm
> Poem of the Sea (Poema O More)
> Shepitko went to the VGIK State Film School as a pupil of the Russian master
Aleksandr Dovzhenko, the director of Earth and Arsenal. She began her career as
an assistant to Elena Sointseva, Dovzhenko> '> s wife, and together they
completed his swansong Poem of the Sea, on which he was working prior to his
death. A fittingly elegiac tale of the collective mourning for a Ukrainian
village due to be flooded to make way for the construction of an artificial sea.
> Dir A. Dovzhenko, Y. Solntseva, Soviet Union 1959, 95 mins, Subs
> 26 – 27 Jan, 8.30pm
> Beginning of an Unknown Era & Larissa (Nachalo Nevedomogo Veka)
> An omnibus film to rival the power of classic silent Soviet cinema, Unknown
Era commemorates the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. Shepitko> '> s
segment > '> Homeland of Electricity> '> recounts a young engineer> '> s
efforts to introduce electric power to a famine-stricken village. Dirs Larissa
Shepitko, Andrei Smirnov, Soviet Union 1967, 73 mins, Subs
> With Larissa A moving tribute to Larissa Shepitko created by her widower Elem
Klimov. The film contains footage from all her films, illustrating her own words
about her life and work. Dir Elem Klimov Soviet Union 1980, 25 mins, Subs >

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