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Spirit of Russia Exhibition

1st November 2005

Dear All

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The Spirit of Russia exhibition is free and open 11 am till 6 pm, every day except Monday,
till Friday 4 November incl. In The Art Academy, 201 Union Street, Southwark.

Below is the information they are sending to the press.

Last night we had a visit from the First Secretary of the Embassy of the
Russian Federation, Valery V. Rodichkin. (see photograph)

He was astounded to see in this not very glamorous place, the basement of
the Art Academy in 21 Union street, the finest art of Russia. Responsible
for cultural affairs he recognised the superb quality of the show. Like many
other visitors he expressed his admiration for the artists and Arsa, their
agents in Moscow, who also organise art tours in Russia, coming here on a
shoe-string, without any sponsorship, helped by The Friends of Kholui, art
lovers volunteering their efforts in their spare time.

Art Academies in Russia have kept very high standards of skills and admit
only the most talented. The best of those who are qualified, after some years
experience, submit some of their best work to their peers to be elected to
become a Member of the Union of Artists, Union of Sculptors, Union of Lacquer
Miniature Painters etc. Of these not more than a dozen reach the coveted
status of ?Awarded Artist of Russia?.

All of the artists in this exhibition are Members of their Union of Artists
and three of them are ?Awarded Artists of Russia?: the woodcarver Mikhael
Dvornikov who makes delightful traditional moving toys as well as dramatic
wooden sculptures; the Sculptor Sergey Miltchenko and the painter Victor
Orlov whose work touch the heart. Versatility is one of the features of their
skill and creativity. This is also evident in the batiks by Marina Orlova,
member of the Union of Artists as well as the Union of Designers, who has
won several international awards for her work, most recently in Malaysia.
She will give a workshop next Saturday and Sunday (there are still places
open). Tatiana Mikhailenko demonstrates how she makes delicate enamels, which
seem to exude the perfume of the lilacs and other flowers which she loves.
Her son and daughter follow the family tradition and are also artists. Evgeny
Grachev demonstrates lacquer miniature painting in the tradition of Kholui.
His as well as works by some other famous artists are on show and pull the
viewer into the fabulous world of unspoilt nature and fairy tales. He was
elected Chairman of the Union of Artists of Kholui as well as Director of
the Kholui Workshop.

Dr Alexander Gormatiuk is an expert restorer of old icons as well as an icon
and fresco painter. There are still some places in the workshop he gives
on Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30 October. Last but not least there are
egg tempera paintings by Alla Gormatium and etchings by Vladimir Vorobiov.

On Thursday 27 October and Tuesday 1 November from 8.00n ? 9.00 pm Ludmilla
Fishchuk, exhibition organiser and art expert, will give a free lecture on
Russian History, folk art and lacquer miniature painting in the exhibition

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