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Peter B Johnson's books

18th November 2005

Dear All

Received from Peter Johnson
Best wishes

Peter B. Johnson
47, Braeside
Kent BR3 1ST

Email: [removed]
Tel. 020 8658 6466

A third book by Peter B Johnson, Reuters Chief correspondent, Moscow (1962-64) and Germany (1964-65), former editor of the “Anglo-German Review”, was published in 2004 by the Tagman Press entitled “Roving Reuter Reporter 1959-61”. It is based, like Peter’s earlier books, on his diary, which he has kept since 1946. The book includes material on the two Germanys in the Cold War; reportage on the 1960 Agadir (Morocco) earthquake; a tour of Austria with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev; the 1960 Rome Olympics and an audience with Pope John XXIII; the 1960 Algerian independence referendum; the 1961 Jerusalem Holocaust trial of Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann; Johnson’s two months as trainee Moscow correspondent in 1961, and the start of the building of the Berlin Wall on 13 August 1961. (410 pp., softback, illus., ISBN 1-903571-31-6). Available from Peter by post £10 or £12.50 from booksellers.

Peter can also supply copies of his second book, “Reuter Reporter among the Communists 1958-59”. After detailing events in the two Germanys, he gives his first (positive) impressions of Khrushchev, (in East Germany, Poland and Hungary), and chronicles his five-month assignment as the first non-Communist correspondent in East Germany, and tours of Poland with the then US Vice-President, Richard Nixon, and Krushchev’s “crown prince”, Frol Kozlov. He also describes a visit to the home village of his German-born wife, Elfi, in the Polish part of former German East Prussia. Published by the Tagman Press in 2000. ISBN 0-9530921-7-8, 252 pp. softback, £9 by post from Peter (incl. P&P) or £10 from booksellers. (Postal payments by cheque please).

Peter’s first book, “Reuter Reporter in Divided Germany 1955-58” was published by Adler Publications, Nottingham, in 1998. (186 pp., softback, illus. ISBN 83-904240-7-X). It is currently being reprinted and will soon be available (only from Peter) £7 (incl. P&P).

Peter, who is 80, is now writing his fourth book “Reuter Reporter in Russia 1962-64”, and expects it to be published in 2006. Peter states: “These books are not a profit-making project, but I believe they are a contribution to improved British-German relations.”

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