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11th November 2006

Dear All

Received from a member.

Best wishes

We are pleased to announce our 27 November Russian Art Auction. The $10mn
sale includes works by 19th and 20th century Russian masters such as
Shishkin, Soutine, Serebriakova, Rokhline, Goncharova, Surikov, Makovsky,
Klever, and many others. And it features an extensive collection of
Russian non-conformist art, the largest ever to be presented at a London

We are honoured to present 18 works by Vasily Sitnikov, from the
collection of his close friend Konstantin Kouzminsky. Sitnikov was a
legendary figure of the Russian underground, one of the "brightest lights
of unofficial art", who came to embody the concept of "mad genius".
Virtually none of his works is in Russia itself, and this is a rare
opportunity to acquire his works. Even after his death fate tried to
intervene with his place in history: literally a few days after Sitnikov's
works were dispatched to MacDougall's for auction in London, Kouzminsky's
house in Pennsylvania was damaged by flooding.

Sitnikov was born into a peasant family, but after the civil war his
parents moved to Moscow. He trained as an engineer, but his attempts to
enter an art institute were unsuccessful. During the war, he was arrested
for collecting German leaflets, which the artist thought were good paper
for drawings. Sitnikov was deemed mentally ill and sent for compulsory

In 1951 he achieved his dream and set up a home academy. An entire series
of major Russian artists were taught or associated with the “Sitnikov
school”. The artist was a favourite of Western diplomats who recognised
and supported his talent. In 1976 Sitnikov left Russia and 1979 he settled
in New York. His émigré life was lonely and secluded. Even his body was
discovered only days after his tragic death, while his personal collection
was destroyed. The 18 works on sale at MacDougalls are a rare and
important surviving group of his work.

We would be delighted to see you at our auction 10.30am 27 November, and
at the viewing, 11.00- 18.00 on 25 and 26 of November, at 33 St. James's
Square, London.

The collection can be viewed on line at www.macdougallauction.com or a
catalogue purchased for £20.

Best regards,

William and Catherine MacDougall


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