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2nd May 2007

Dear All

Received from a member

Best wishes

Dear Ute,

I am enclosing as attachment a Press Release for my new book on
Stalingrad, which we wanted to bring out in time for the 9 May victory
commemoration. It is based on powerful new testimony from the Red Army
defenders and the recently released Russian military archive.

I believe that this is the first book to really get to grips with the
scale of the Russian achievement at Stalingrad – which marked a turning
point in World War Two – and I offer a dramatic re-evaluation of this
famous battle. I am really looking forward to talking to the GB-Russia
Society on 25 July 2007 and outlining my findings.

I would be enormously grateful if you could pass this information on to
anyone who might be interested.

With best wishes and thanks, Michael Jones.


STALINGRAD: How the Red Army Triumphed
By Michael K Jones

Foreword by David M Glantz

Using dramatic new eye-witness testimonies from the Red Army veterans and
recently released Russian military archival records, Michael K Jones
offers a radical reinterpretation of the most famous battle of the Second
World War, which will astonish Western readers.

His new evidence enables Jones to correct the persistent errors of
previous accounts which had to rely on the Communist regime-sanctioned,
revisionist stories or German military records.

“Somehow, in the burning hell that was Stalingrad, Chuikov created an
army able to withstand everything the Germans threw at it. Their
remarkable story has struggled hard to come to life, caught between the
propagandist clichés of the communist state… and Western cynicism… Neither

Jones uses battle psychology to explain the extraordinary victory of the
Red Army at Stalingrad, emphasising the vital role of leadership, morale
and motivation. In doing so, he shows readers that Stalingrad was much
less a victory of successful tactics, than an astounding, improbable
triumph of the human spirit.

He focuses on the story of the Russian 62nd Army, which began the campaign
in July 1942 in utter demoralisation, when the life expectancy of some
soldiers was just two days. Yet, by February 1943, they had turned the
tables on the powerful German 6th Army which Hitler claimed could storm
the gates of heaven itself.

For the first time, many of the veterans have been able to tell the truth
about that battle. Among them is the former Deputy Commander of the Warsaw
Pact, Colonel-General Anatoly Mereshko, who fought throughout as staff
officer to the 62nd Army’s Commander, Chuikov. His testimony is backed up
by accounts of other key veterans and the recently released war diary and
combat journals of the 62nd Army.

“The result is highly effective and utterly captivating. Previous accounts
have been unable to fully convey the desperate ferocity of the battle. Now
we see it in all its horror – and better understand the courage of
Stalingrad’s defenders. This is the finest history of its type published
to date.”
David M. Glantz, editor The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, from the


For further information and to arrange an interview with Michael K Jones
PhD please telephone Michael on 07931 345361 or 020 8680 5798 or email

Review copies and photographs are available from the publishers, Pen and
Sword Books. Please contact Jonathan Wright on 01226 734222/734555 or
email [removed].

Notes to editors:
Michael K Jones PhD is best-known for his innovative, controversial
studies of warfare which focus on his ground-breaking analysis of the
psychological dimensions of war. After completing a PhD in military
history and lecturing at universities in medieval history, Michael now
specialises in presenting and writing and, since 1984, has been guiding
visitors around battlefields, including Stalingrad, Bannockburn and the
battlefields of the Hundred Years’ War.

His previous works include: Bosworth 1485: Psychology of a Battle and
Agincourt 1415.

Michael has written extensively on warfare for journals such as English
Historical Review and War in History. His appearances on radio and
television include: In Our Time and Today (both BBC Radio 4); Weapons that
Made Britain, Agincourt, Richard III: Fact or Fiction and Britain's Real
Monarch (all Channel 4); Friendly Fire (CBC).

STALINGRAD: How the Red Army Triumphed is published in hardback by Pen and
Sword Books Limited, on 30 April 2007. It is priced at £19.99. ISBN:

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