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Russian film on special offer

24th May 2007

Dear all,
If anyone is interested in these films, please contact the vendors
directly, the details are at the end of the e-mail.

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KINO: The Russian Cinema series
Special offer: 30% discount on all titles!

The KINOfiles series of accessible, illustrated paperbacks examines
Russian and Soviet films intheir historical and aesthetic context, both
major cultural forces in Russian history and Sovietpolitics and as central
to the development of world cinema. Launched in late 2004 were the first
four KINOfiles Filmmakers’ Companions, designed for students and the
general reader – introductions to and analyses of the most important
filmmakers to emerge from Russian cinema.

Storm over Asia The film companion 11 Amy Sargeant Vsevolod
Pudovkin’s Storm over Asia is regarded as a major film of Soviet
silent cinema and one that works on many levels. Released in 1928, it is a
rallying cry for the revolution, an adventure film, and an intriguing and
moving document of a vanished way of life. Its hero Bair is often praised
as the model action hero. It takes place on the Mongolian frontier in
1920, where the descendents of Ghenghis Khan are now Mongol herdsmen,
their land occupied by the British. It relates what happens when a young
Mongol – played by Mongolian Valeri Inkizhinov – rebels against these
double-talking Westerners. Amy Sargeant is an authority on the cinema of
Pudovkin, and her companion to the film throws new light on
Pudovkin’s art in making it,
as well as its text and the story of its distribution. She concludes with
a discussion about how the film was received within Russia and celebrated
by critics and audiences overseas. Amy Sargeant is the author of Vsevolod
Pudovkin: Classic Films of the Soviet Avant-Garde (I.B. Tauris) and of
British Cinema: A Critical History (BFI). December 2007 128 pages PB 216
134mm 978 1 84511 374 2 £12.99 £9.09 Illustrated

The Battleship Potemkin The Film Companion 1 Richard Taylor 144pp 216 x
138mm PB 978 1 86064 393 4 £12.95 £9.09

The Man with the Movie Camera The Film Companion 2 Graham Roberts 124pp
216 x 138mm PB 978 1 86064 394 1 £12.95 £9.09

Burnt by the Sun The Film Companion 3 Birgit Beumers 136pp 216 x 138mm PB
978 1 86064 396 5 £12.95 £9.09

Repentance The Film Companion 4 Denise Youngblood & Josephine Woll 128pp
216 x 138mm PB 978 1 86064 395 8 £12.95 £9.09

Bed and Sofa The Film Companion 5 Julian Graffy 128pp 216 x 138mm PB 978
86064 503 7 £12.95 £9.09

The Cranes are Flying The Film Companion 7 Josephine Woll 120pp 216 x
138mm PB 978 1 86064 504 4 £12.95 £9.09

Little Vera The Film Companion 8 Frank Beardow 128pp 216 x 138mm 978 1
86064 611 9 PB £12.95 £9.09

Ivan the Terrible The Film Companion 9 Joan Neuberger 160pp 216 x 138mm
978 1 86064 560 0 PB £12.95 £9.09

The End of St. Petersburg The Film Companion 10 Vance Kepley, Jr. 144pp
216 x 138mm 1 86064 911 4 PB £12.95 £9.09

Nikita Mikhalkov
The Filmmakers’ Companion 1
Birgit Beumers
Adored by Russian audiences for his commercially-oriented films, and
loathed by the Russian intelligentsia for the same, Mikhalkov is one of
the most successful,ambitious and controversial film directors in the
history of Soviet and Russian cinema. 160pp 216 x 138mm PB 978 1 86064
7 £14.95 £10.46

Alexander Medvedkin
The Filmmakers’ Companion 2
Emma Widdis
This first introduction to Alexander Medvedkin’s film-making career
traceshis process of developing a unique brand of cinematic satire
throughout the period of the Soviet revolutionary experiment. 168pp 216 x
138mm PB 978 1 86064 405 4 £14.95 £10.46

Dmitri Shostakovich: A Life in Film
The Filmmakers’ Companion 3
John Riley
Between 1929 and 1970, Dmitri Shostakovich wrote almost 40 film scores for
most genres of Soviet films, from Stalinist cult epics to classical
literary ad-aptations. His long and distinguished cinema career has
hitherto been overlooked. 168pp 216 x 138mm PB 978 1 85043 484 9 £14.95

Kira Muratova
The Filmmakers’ Companion 4
Jane A. Taubman
Kira Muratova is a respected and original contemporary film director, yet
her earliest works were not welcomed when they were first shown Only in
1987 were these movies re-released, sending Muratova from talented pariah
to celebrity almost overnight. 136pp 216 x 138mm PB 978 1 85043 409 2
£14.95 £10.46

To order copies of these titles, please call:+44 (0) 1264 342932 quoting
reference KINO0407 or email: [removed]

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