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Pushkin House

1st September 2007

Dear All

From Pushkin House


Pushkin House closes 2007 with a myriad of activities; please visit our
beautifully re-designed website www.pushkinhouse.org.uk for full details.

It�s been a wet summer, but we have been busy preparing a spectacular
season of events through to Christmas 2007. There will be at least one,
and often more than one, exhibition to view at any given time. Exhibitions
are a wonderful snapshot of Russian life and culture. To give you an idea
of the diversity, this season opens with a superb collection of colourful
title pages from 19th century musical editions of publisher Beliaeff and
closes with a study of Anna Akhmatova in watercolours and, in another
space, striking photographs of the Solovki islands. Kino Kino!�s film
programme ranges widely from arthouse to pure entertainment but continues
to include the explanatory talks which bring the world of Russian cinema
to life. Musical activity includes recitals by rising Russian and British
stars of voice and piano, choirs and even piano lessons! Our lecture
series remain the core activity and you will find a marvellous variety of
subjects explored by our invited lecturers and trustees and by the Pushkin
Club, GB-Russia Society and EDmissionUK. Language training continues to be
provided by the Russian Language Centre in their class courses and
individual lessons.

Pushkin House is London�s centre of Russian culture but we don�t pretend
to cover the whole of the spectrum � it is so rich, diverse and
fascinating. Please contact us if there is any contribution or suggestion
you would like to make. And don�t forget that Pushkin House is a versatile
venue for your private events. The House is centrally located with direct
transport links; it is charming, elegant and good value-for-money. You
will find us very helpful.

Below is an overview of events in September and October. We will send you
more information about October, November and December in a few weeks time.
In the meantime, visit us at www.pushkinhouse.org.uk , call us on 020 7269
9770 from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


Speed Chess Evening

Wed 5 Sep, 7:00pm

Competition: Russia + Friends vs. UK All-comers. All contestants will get
5 games and free drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks) and a superb buffet.
Top player gets �50; runner up (not some team) gets �20. Worse UK player
gets a bottle of Vodka. Worse Russia player gets a bottle of Scotch.

In association with Russia House Ltd.

Tickets: �25 (�20 pre-registered)

What? Where? When? – Sunday games

9 Sep, 5:00pm – Eilat Cup

23 Sep, 5:00pm – London League, �The Seasons� Cup

7 Oct, 5:00 � London League, the �Baltic Shore� Tournament

The famous Russian quiz.

Language: Russian

Tickets: �2


Lali Chilaia: Concert of Romantic Music

Fri 7 Sep, 7:30pm

Georgian musicians Lali Chilaia, David and Marina Metivishvili present an
evening of romantic music. The performance will feature various vocal and
piano pieces of the Romantic period.

The programme includes pieces by Liszt, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Glinka and

Tickets: �10 (�8 conc.)

Konevets Choir Concert

Wed 26 Sep, 7:30pm

The Quartet specialises in Russian liturgical a capella music; it was
founded by graduates of the St.Petersburg Music Conservatoire in the early
1990s and initially restored the sung liturgy at the historic Konevets
Monastery on Lake Ladoga.

Tickets: �10 (�8 conc.)

FILM (in association with Kino Kino!)

Peculiarities of the National Hunt

Fri 7 Sep, 7:30pm

Russia | 1995 | col | 1hr 33mins | dir. Alexandr Rogozhkin, with Aleksei
Buldakov, Viktor Bychkov, Ville Haapasalo. The outer story concerns a
visiting young Finn researching hunt customs in Russia; however the
story�s essence is the attendant drinking and ineptitude that turn the
hunt into a comedy of errors, and the vision of glories of past hunts.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Tickets: �7 (�5 conc.)

The Lover

Wed 12 Sep, 7:30pm

Russia | 2002 | col | 1hr 40mins | dir. Valeri Todorovsky, with Oleg
Yankovsky, Sergei Garmash. This film is a real breakthrough, going back to
the traditions of psychological cinema. An amazingly subtle and wise movie
about a man who suddenly realizes that his whole life has collapsed after
he finds a letter from his dead wife to an unknown lover.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Tickets: �7 (�5 conc.)

A Driver for Vera

Fri 14 Sep, 7:30pm

Drama | Russia | 2004 | col | 1hr 45mins | dir. Pavel Chukhraij, with Igor
Petrenko, Yelena Babenko, Bogdan Stupka, Andrei Panin. The film is set
during 1962 in Sevastopol, Crimea, then a secret Navy Base in the Soviet
Union. General Serov (Stupka) hires Viktor (Petrenko), a cadet from the
Kremlin Guard to work as his private chauffeur.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Tickets: �7 (�5 conc.)

Wartime Romance

Wed 19 Sep, 7:30pm

Drama | Russia | 1983 | col | 1hr 32mins | dir. Petr Todorovsky, with
Nikolai Burlyaev, Natalia Andreychenko, Inna Churikova, Zinoviy Gerdt. A
story of the power of love, about the generation which has gone through
all the horrors of war and yet hasn�t wasted its spirit and spirituality.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Tickets: �7 (�5 conc.)

977 (Nine Seven Seven)

Fri 28 Sep, 7:30pm

Russia | 2006 | col | dir. Nikolay Khomeriki, with Anna Ardova, Darya
Barskaya, Irina Barskaya, Leos Carax, Olga Demidova, Yekaterina Golubeva.
A young scientist arrives to work in a research institute. The research
involves experimentation with people� This intensely lyrical film operates
not on any pretence at futurism, but rather a deeply unsettling nostalgia
for an earlier age of bio-social engineering.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Tickets: �7 (�5 conc.)


52 Musical Frontispieces

10 � 28 Sep, 10am � 6pm, Mon to Fri

Exhibition of exquisite title pages of Beliaeff musical editions.

All the re-productions (with three exceptions) are part of the Richard
Beattie Music Collection.

Tickets: free admission

Poster Exhibition: Why Learn Russian?

17 � 21 Sep, 10am � 6pm, Mon to Fri

In celebration of 2007, the �Russian Language Year�, and to publicise the
benefits of learning Russian the Scotland-Russia Forum organised a poster

In association with the Scotland-Russia Forum

Tickets: free admission

Russian Space Exhibition

4 � 26 Oct, 10am � 6pm, Mon to Fri

Works of George Noskov

As an artist, George Noskov, did not choose astronomy at random for
subject matter, but, captivated as a child by the colour and pageant of
the heavens and fascinated later by all the different cosmologies of
contemporary, ancient and exotic civilisations, he developed the awareness
that the Cosmos was a great presence, 'peopled' in some way � the Greek
word Kosmos means 'people' as well as the heavens � filled with stories
untold and above and under it all, part of us as humankind.

Tickets: free admission


Trans-Siberian Railroad – Epic Journey

Tue 18 Sep, 7:30pm

It is the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway which holds the vast territory
of Siberia together. The actual length of the Trans-Siberian railway from
Moscow to Vladivostok, is over 9,288 kilometres, covering nearly all
Eurasia. Apart from the cultural highlights and treasures of nature to be
found along the route, the travel experts from Go Russia will give you
details of accommodation and transport options available in various
regions, a wide range of holiday activities, and many other practicalities
you need to consider before taking this trip. The seminar is supported by
video and photographic presentation.

Language: English

In association with Go Russia

Tickets: free admission

Shostakovich Day Conference

Sat 29 Sep, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Do not miss a day of presentations by leading experts on the great Russian
composer and a live performance of Shostakovich�s song cycle �Satiry�.
Refreshments provided.

In association with EDmissionUK

Tickets: �30 (�20 conc.)

Book Presentation

Kosovo. Christian Orthodox Heritage and Contemporary Catastrophe. Edited
by Alexei Lidov.

Mon 8 Oct, 19:30

This book was called to life by the events of 17-19 March 2004, when in
the course of three days, 35 Christian churches were fully destroyed or
disfigured in Kosovo. Since 1999 in this region a total of 143 churches
and monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church were subjected to
destruction. It is the worst cultural catastrophe in Europe since World
War II. In a certain sense, this book is a response to a most important
recommendation by UNESCO in its last report on the situation in Kosovo.

Tickets: to be confirmed


Dmitry Prigov, in memoriam

Tue 11 Sep, 7:30pm

An evening dedicated to the memory of Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov. Prigov
was a prominent figure in the cultural life of Russia and the world, well
known as a poet, artist and writer. Video- and audio- recordings of his
performances will form part of the evening, in addition to musical
performances and reading of some of his poetry translated into English.

Language: Russian and English

In association with Pushkin Club

Tickets: �5.00 (�3.50 conc.)

Sergei Uvarov: The Minister of Darkness by Lesley Chamberlain

Tue 18 Sep, 7:30pm

Sergei Uvarov, an aristocrat born in 1788, one of the best-educated
European-style Russians of his generation later became of the most
repressive figures of the reign of Nicholas I, hated by Belinsky, Herzen
and other liberals who felt his lash. Introducing her new book in
progress, Lesley Chamberlain will talk about the contradictory life of a
man, whose career remains a paradigm for understanding Russian

Language: English

In association with Pushkin Club

Tickets: �5.00 (�3.50 conc.)

Turgenev at Ventnor by Professor Emeritus Richard Freeborn D.Litt

Wed 26 Sep, 7:00pm

Ivan Turgenev is the only major Russian novelist to have had a close
association with England. His masterpiece, the novel Fathers and Sons, has
its origins in the small seaside town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight
where he spent three weeks in August 1960.

Language: English

In association with GB-Russia Society

Tickets: �5

A Journey Through Russian Culture: 12 Lectures

A series of lectures introducing various aspects of
Russian culture, hosted by leading specialists

Mon 1 Oct, 1:00pm � 2:00pm

Lecture 1: Riddles, Mysteries and Enigmas: Why Russian Culture is
Different by Professor Andrew Jameson

Mon 8 Oct, 1:00pm � 2:00pm

Lecture 2: Are the Russians European? Eastern and Western Elements in
Russian Culture by Professor Andrew Jameson

Language: English

In association with EDmissionUK

To book tickets, please contact Lewis Owens of EDmissionUK on: T: +44 0
7739 568455 or E: [removed]
Friends of Hermitage Lectures

Mon 1 and Tue 2 October

More information will be published on our website soon.


Reporting on Post-Soviet Russia by Mr. Stephen Dalziel, Executive Director
of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Wed 3 Oct, 7:00pm

One of the challenges for correspondents reporting on or from the USSR was
the difficulty often to obtain reliable, objective information. With the
advent of perestroika and glasnost under Gorbachev this seemed to be
changing; and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was seen by some as
the dawn of a new age for information. But, as the Russians themselves
say, they are a people of extremes, and then so much information became
available that it was difficult to know what was believable.

Language: English

In association with GB-Russia Society

Tickets: �5

A Commemoration of Anna Politkovskaya – The Search for the Truth by David

Tue 9 Oct, 7:30pm

An overview of Anna Politkovskaya�s life and achievements, coupled with a
factual survey of some of the events and issues covered in her published
work, including reference to the material which is now available in her
recently published book, �A Russian Diary�. The reading will conclude with
a reading of one or two poems, in Russian and English.

Language: English

In association with Pushkin Club

Tickets: �5.00 (�3.50 conc.)

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