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LENINGRAD State of Siege

29th May 2008

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State of Siege

by Michael Jones

John Murray (Publishers) . 15th May 2008
�20 . Hardback
In 1941 Hitler�s armies blocked the last roads leading into Leningrad.
What followed was one of the most horrific sieges in history.

When the German High Command encircled Leningrad it was a deliberate
policy to eradicate the city�s civilian population by starving them to
death. As winter set in and food supplies dwindled, panic set in. The
combination of a sadistic invading army and indifferent, inept city
authorities led to the most horrific circumstances.

Leningrad�s self-defence came at a huge price. When the 900-day siege
ended in 1944 more than a million people had died and those who survived
would be permanently marked by what they had endured (a trauma that has
never been fully recognised), as this insightful history delineates.

Leningrad takes an uncompromising look at the besiegers. For the last
five years Mike has led battlefield tours of World War II�s Eastern Front,
working closely with veterans and civilian survivors of the fighting.
Eastern Front expert David M. Glantz said of his book on Stalingrad: �It
represents a milestone in the treatment of the battle �Jones is able to
zero in on the psychological state of Red Army combatants and successfully
determine just what motivated them to fight and endure in such extreme

Leningrad, was inspired by one simple yet powerful question � how can
people triumph in a situation where everything is stacked against them?

A specialist in battle psychology and the vital role of morale in
desperate circumstances, Jones tells the human story of Leningrad. Many
Red Army veterans he worked with had reached the top of the Soviet
military hierarchy � including a former Deputy Commander of the Warsaw
Pact, the head of Russia�s Air Force, and leading generals, admirals and
military thinkers. Drawing on newly available eyewitness accounts and
diaries, he shows Leningrad in its every dimension including taboos,
long-suppressed by the Soviets, such as looting, criminal gangs and
cannibalism. The result is a story of both warning and of hope.

Michael Jones was educated Bristol University, where he completed his BA
and PhD in History. He subsequently taught at the University of South West
England, Glasgow University and Winchester College. He is a Fellow of the
Royal Historical Society and now works freelance as a writer, presenter
and battlefield tour guide.

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Nikki
on 020 7873 6440 or email [removed]LENINGRAD: State of Siege reveals:

� That the besieging German army deliberately starved hundreds of
thousands of civilians, and used a network of spies and informers to
monitor the death rate within the city

� Leningrad�s leadership stockpiled food while ordinary people died of

� In September 1941 General Georgi Zhukov needlessly sacrificed countless
Red Army soldiers in futile attacks against the German siege positions

� In December 1941 Stalin and Leningrad party leader Andrei Zhdanov halted
the evacuation of civilians across frozen Lake Ladoga for two months
fearing it would undermine morale

� At the end of January 1942 the city�s food distribution system collapsed
and parts of Leningrad fell under the control of gangsters and cannibals

� By February 1942 over 20,000 civilians were dying every day, mortuaries
could no longer cope with the influx of bodies and hospitals were no
longer functioning

� In March 1942 the city was on the verge of a typhoid epidemic

� In the face of unspeakable horror Leningraders fought to preserve their
human dignity

� The story of how conductor Karl Eliasberg and a small group of starving,
emaciated musicians performed Shostakovich�s Seventh Symphony at the
Leningrad Philharmonic � symbolising the city�s astounding will to resist


State of Siege
by Michael Jones

John Murray (Publishers) . 15th May 2008 . �20 . Hardback

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