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BEARR Small Grants Scheme

24th January 2009

Dear All

Please see below information from the BEARR Trust on its Small Grants
Scheme for 2009.

Best wishes

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The BEARR Trust is pleased to announce details of its Small Grants Scheme
for 2009. Grants are available in the field of homelessness, people
trafficking and disability. The deadline for applications is 15 March.
The official notice is below. Details are also available on the BEARR
website at http://www.bearr.org/en/node/189.

The BEARR Small Grants Scheme 2009 will continue with our long-standing
theme of homelessness, and focus on projects seeking to achieve a wider
impact on work with young people who are homeless or in institutions.

We will repeat the segment on human trafficking that elicited many
excellent applications in 2008.

And we will have a new component, echoing the theme of the 2008 BEARR
Conference: changing attitudes to disability.

The Scheme thus has three segments:

A. Helping the homeless reintegrate into society (Russia only)

B. Relieving the distress of human trafficking (Russia and other
countries formerly part of the Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic States)

C. Changing attitudes to disability (Russia and other countries formerly
part of the Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic States)

What are the aims and criteria of the Scheme?

The 2009 Small Grants Scheme aims to support activities that involve one
or more of the following:

� Encourage sharing of experience and learning among NGOs with
relevant aims
� Disseminate good practice more widely
� Facilitate cooperation with and/or coordination among NGOs and
other organisations working with relevant groups
� Improve awareness, influence policy, or engage public institutions
in addressing the relevant issues
� Propose other, imaginative, ways of achieving the Scheme�s aims

Who can apply?

European NGOs active in the region and/or NGOs from the former USSR
region. Priority will be given to projects involving partnerships.

How much money is available?

The BEARR Trust expects to have available about $2500 during 2009 for
Scheme A and �5000 each for Schemes B and C. Grants may be disbursed in
instalments or as one-off grants. The Trust may wish to support more than
one initiative through the scheme, so proposals below these ceilings are
invited. Preference will be given to projects which are also funded from
other sources and in which the BEARR grant does not exceed 50% of the
overall cost.

How does an organisation apply for a grant under the scheme?

Send an application to The BEARR Trust by 15 March 2009. The application,
which must be in English, should be sent by email to [removed]

What information is required in the application?

The application should be not more than 2 pages of A4. It should include
information on:
� The NGO applying for a grant, its mission and objectives
� Any partner organisation, its mission and objectives
� Objectives, short and long term, of the project proposed, and a
brief description of the activities to be supported
� Why the NGO needs a grant from The BEARR Trust, what it will be
used for, and how it meets the criteria for the 2008 Small Grant Scheme,
set out above
� The proposed total project budget, showing separately the amount
requested from BEARR and the contributions to be made by the applicant NGO
and other sponsors

What happens after an application is received by the BEARR Trust?

The Trust will acknowledge applications as they are received. The Trust
will contact applicants for any further information or clarification it
needs. Trustees will review shortlisted proposals at their meeting in
April. The Trust will announce which proposals have been successful soon

Part A of The BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme 2009 is funded by a grant
from the Moscow Office of the law firm Baker Botts, and Part C by
Q�straint, manufacturers of safety bests for wheelchair users.

Please pass this on to anyone else, especially in the region, you think
may have an interest.

Best wishes,

Renate Wright

Information Officer

The BEARR Trust

32-36 Loman Street

London SE1 0EE

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7922 7849


Email: [removed]

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