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Sergei Paradjanov Film Festival in 2010

30th October 2009

1-17 March 2010
BFI will curate a season of Sergei Paradjanov’s films that will include
his acclaimed features, short films and a number of documentaries about
his life and work by renowned filmmakers from Russia, Ukraine, France and
the USA. Some of the screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with
friends, collaborators and experts.

March 6 conference
A conference on Sergei Paradjanov’s legacy will bring together experts and
scholars from around the world to discuss his work and the importance of
his filmmaking in artistic, social and political contexts.

March 2010 (TBA)
A workshop for children and adults will give a hands-on experience of
creating artwork à la Paradjanov. Leading tutors in fashion and art will
give demonstrations and encourage people to make collages, dolls, puppets,
costumes and drawings, making it an exciting way to spend a day with
family and friends.

Sergei Paradjanov (1924-1990) is one of the 20th century’s greatest
masters of the cinema. Legends such as Fellini, Antonioni and Tarkovsky
crowned Paradjanov with titles like “genius”, “magician” and “a master”.
Paradjanov is one of the most daring and visionary directors to emerge
from the former Soviet Union.
His unique, explosive cinematic language has no analogies in the world. In
spite of his international acclaim, Paradjanov was a constant target for
the Soviet system. No other director suffered such a fate as Paradjanov;
he was arrested twice on fabricated charges and as a result he spent five
years in hard labour camps. After his release he wasn’t allowed to work
for fifteen years. Deprived of the opportunity to make films, he dedicated
his life to other forms of art. He is known to have said "My art
saved me".

Paradjanov won countless awards, including the British Academy Award for
his film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. He is highly acclaimed worldwide,
yet his work remains virtually unknown in the UK. The Paradjanov Festival
will be an important event in the cultural scenes of London and Bristol,
being the first complete showcase of Paradjanov’s films and art. The film
programme will be enriched with a photographic exhibition; a contemporary
art installation; a conference; a workshop for kids and adults; meetings
and talks. The events will take place at the British Film Institute (BFI
Southbank), the National Theatre (NT Southbank), Ciné Lumière, Cinephilia
West, Pushkin House, Arnolfini (Bristol), and will be introduced by
distinguished guests that have had first hand experience of working with

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