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1st November 2009

Dear all

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The celebrated Russian animator Andrei Khrzhanovsky will be in London
during November for various events.

Khrzhanovsky has been one of the most exciting directors since the mid
60s, when he caused a stir with the anti-bureaucracy satire There Lived a
Man Called Kozyavin. This was followed by his avant-garde masterpiece The
Glass Harmonica, which has the distinction of being the only Soviet
animated film to be banned for the duration, until perestroika. Pushkin
holds a particular place in the Khrzhanovsky canon, notably in the Pushkin
Trilogy which brings to life the poet's sometimes acerbic commentaries on
the society around him, using Pushkin's own illustrations which appear as
doodles in the margins of his manuscripts.

Khrzhanovsky has worked with celebrated writers (notably Fellini's
scriptwriter Tonino Guerra), innovative designers such as Juli Sooster and
had a long-standing partnership (on seven films) with avant-garde composer
Alfred Schnittke.

Recently he has turned to features and his debut film is A Room and a
Half, a fictional recreation of the life of poet Joseph Brodsky, starring
Alissa Freindlich and Sergei Yursky and featuring — as a bonus — some
utterly magical animation sections. The film has proved a tremendous
success this year at festivals all over the world, including the London
Film Festival.

Khrzhanovsky will be introducing A Room and a Half at the Pushkin House
(5a Bloomsbury Square, London WC1) at 7.30pm on 19 November and the
Pushkin Trilogy at the same place and same time on 20 November. The
Pushkin trilogy is only for Russian speakers. No subtitles,
More details at http://www.pushkinhouse.org/en/events. Click on the date
and click on 'more', for details about the films.

On 22 November at 1.00pm, in the context of the London Philharmonic's
Alfred Schnittke festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, on the South Bank,
Khrzhanovsky will talk about his work and specifically his collaborations
with Schnittke on films including The Glass Harmonica, Butterfly, In the
World of Fables and the Pushkin Trilogy. The discussion will be
illustrated with extracts, and two of the films will be shown entire in
the QEH foyer. More details at

Khrzhanovsky will also be introducting his animated shorts at the
Encounters festival in Bristol on 18 November


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