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The Retreat, Hitler's first defeat

18th November 2009

Dear All
Please see below the press release from Michael Jones' new book

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From the acclaimed author of STALINGRAD and LENINGRAD, THE RETREAT,
Hitler's first defeat brings to life a timeless story of cruelty and
courage, horror and heroism. Published by John Murray hardback �20.

�An already brutal war degenerated into mass killing of the innocent and
the unprotected.�

Early morning, June 22nd 1941. Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Hitler
announced on the eve of his attack that �the world would hold its breath�
and watched in awe as Germany, with its superior weaponry and technology,
pushed its way through the hostile terrain that had thwarted Napoleon�s
army over a hundred years earlier. The early days of the war helped
strengthened his confidence as the number of Russian prisoners quickly
began to mount up.

Following Napoleon�s invasion route almost to the step, the German army
headed towards Moscow, the spider in the web of Bolshevik Russia. But
Hitler had underestimated the might and courage of the desperate Soviet
troops. They were determined to defend their capital to the last, and
suddenly the heady optimism of the German forces evaporated as the
invasion turned sour and the ruthless winter approached. Caught in
temperatures of up to minus thirty degrees Celsius, vital German equipment
failed and Hitler�s army looked destined to repeat Napoleon�s disastrous
mistake. The battle for Moscow became one of the greatest human tragedies
of the war on the Eastern Front, with over two million Russian prisoners
of war losing their lives in the winter of 1941.

The Retreat describes with riveting detail Hitler�s first defeat of World
War II. Drawing on compelling accounts from diaries and memoirs, as well
as photographs and interviews, this book focus�s on the human story � the
experiences of people, from both sides, who witnessed the horror, cruelty
and courage first hand.
Michael Jones gained his PhD in History from Bristol University. Since
then he has taught at a number of universities and is a Fellow of the
Royal Historical Society. He works freelance as a writer, historical
consultant and a presenter, and is the acclaimed author of Stalingrad and

Michael Jones is available for interview or to write pieces. For further
information please contact
Shona Abhyankar on 020 7873 6440 or email

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