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Georgian Theatre

10th August 2010

Dear All
Received from a member

We're thrilled to announce a Georgian Theatre Season to take place at
Riverside Studios from 14-26 September. Please see details attached. If
you'd like more info/images/interview, please contact me, details below.

Georgia has a cultural civilisation comparable to ancient Greece. The
capital, Tbilisi, has three internationally renowned theatre companies.
Unable to present their work under the Soviet regime, nowadays Georgian
theatre artists have built an undeniable reputation internationally,
albeit in a climate of dramatically decreasing financial support for the

Riverside Studios is honoured to present two of the best known companies:
the Tumanishvilil Actors Film Theatre and the Marjanishvili State Drama
Theatre. Ever since the 1970’s there has been an exciting theatrical
exchange between our two countries. This season will be a feast of
laughter, high drama and great acting – come and see it!

The plays in the season are:

Bakula's Pigs

Camino Real

The Open Couple

The Bald Prima Donna

Presented by Tumanishvili

Antigone (Jean Anouilh)

Presented by Marjanishvili

All performances are in Georgian with English surtitles.

Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre

Georgian Theatre Season

14 – 26 September 2010 – 8pm

Tickets £15 (£12 concs) £10 Under 18s

Bakula's Pigs

by David Kldiashvili

Directed by: Mikheil Tumanishvili

Tues 14, Wed 15, Thurs 16 Sept 8pm

A Gogolesque tale of the little man, his long suffering family, nosy
neighbours and the disastrous consequences of inviting of high officials
to dine, not to mention the pigs of the title. All combine to produce a
theatrical experience that transcends national boundaries and language. It
will make you laugh helplessly and restore your faith in humanity.

One of the great treasures of the Tumanishvili Actors Film Theatre.
Directed by Mikhail Tumanishvili himself, the piece is quintessentially
Georgian and helped the company gain an international reputation.

Duration: 1 h 40 min. no Interval

Camino Real

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Hillary Wood

Fri 17, Sat 18, Sun 19 Sept 8pm

Described by some critics as William’s most challenging and ambitious
work. Camino Real depicts the dream of Don Quixote, who envisions the
adventures of historical and mythical figures trying to escape from Camino
Real, a town on the edge of civilization where characters land when they
have relinquished their hope and dreams. Into this world comes Kilroy, an
American boxer who is down but not out. While the town works to absorb
Kilroy's hopelessness, he fights for a way to stay alive among characters
who struggle to distinguish imagination from reality.

Duration 2hr 55 with interval

The Open Couple

By Dario Fo and Franca Rame

Directed by Keti Dolidze
Tues 21, Weds 22 Sept 8pm

The heartbreakingly funny course of a suburban marriage, gone sour.

Antonia has coped with her philandering husband often to the point of
attempted suicide. He suggests they should have an open marriage and she
agrees. Will he cope when it appears that Antonia has been more successful
than he ever imagined?

Duration 1 h 40 min

“A rare and important theatrical treat.”

The Bald Prima Donna

by Eugene Ionesco

Directed by Zurab Getsadze

Thurs 23 Sept 8pm

Enter Ionesco's mysterious and absurd world, where reality collapses. Be
stunned by the eruptions of nonsensical natter, the ludicrous tales and
the raving routines that are crammed into a very ordinary living room.
Duration: 1 h 20 min.


by Sophocles

Fri 24, Sat 25, Sun 26 8pm

Creon, the king of Thebes, forbids the burial of those who rebelled
against his rule. Antigone, soon to marry Creon's son, disobeys this edict
to bury her brother Polyneices.

the Tumanishvili Studio Theater of Film Actors, was established in 1977
Tumanishvili Film Actors' Theatre was created by the great Georgian
director, Mikhail Tumanishvili (1921-1996), in 1977, Tumaishvili directed
Rustaveli State Theatre for 25 years and taught at the theatrical
Institute. During twenty years of creative work (training and
psycho-physical exercises are the main form of work), studio produced
nearly forty productions. The company is popular throughout the world, and
was invited to major international festivals with Moliere's "Don Juan",
Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", Kldiashvili's "Bakula's Pigs".
This productions were highly acclaimed at Madrid International fest –
1988, Latin Americal festival – 1988, Edinburgh International fest – 1988,
Paris – 1990, Edinburgh, 1993, Torun, 1994, London First International
Shakespeare Festival 1994. Besides this, studio produced wonderful
georgian version of american play "Our Town", by Thornton Wilder, first
part of Sukhovo-Kobilins Trilogy, Shvatz's "Dragon" and different georgian
plays, mostly comtemporary. There are many young directors – pupils of
Mikhail Tumanishvili – who direct plays on small, cosy stage of studio.

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