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Victory Day

19th April 2011

Dear All
Received from the Soviet Memorial Trust Fund

Victory Day – May 9, 2011

Soviet War Memorial in London

On Monday, May 9, 2011, starting at 10.50am, the Soviet Memorial Trust
Fund (SMTF) is organising a programme of events, in co-operation with
Southwark Council and the Imperial War Museum London, to mark the 66th
anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. May 9 is marked
annually as Victory Day and is a national holiday in Russia and other CIS

An Act of Remembrance at the Soviet War Memorial in the morning will be
followed in the afternoon by the premiere of Hurricanes to Murmansk, a
documentary film about the RAF Wing of fighter aircraft sent to Russia on
the first Arctic Convoy in August 1941. Sir Roderic Lyne, former UK
Ambassador to Russia, will introduce the film.

Participants in the Act of Remembrance will include: The Mayor of
Southwark; the Russian Ambassador and Ambassadors and representatives from
other CIS embassies; British and Russian Second World War veterans;
standard bearers from UK veterans organisations, the Drill Squad of the
London Nautical School; and other individuals and organisations supporting
the Memorial.

Participants will lay wreaths at the Soviet War Memorial during the
ceremony, which will include brief addresses from key participants, the
sounding of the Last Post and a two minute silence.

The Soviet War Memorial is located in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park,
adjacent to the Imperial War Museum London, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ.

Details and timings are listed below. Members of the public are welcome to
participate. Very limited seating is available for the Act of Remembrance
and is intended primarily for veterans and older participants and those
participants who will lay wreaths during the ceremony.

Although the film screening is free-of-charge, due to space limitations it
is highly recommended that people reserve seats by responding to this
email or telephoning the IWM in advance on 020 7416 5439. They can arrange
to collect tickets from the IWM reception on May 9.

Further details can be obtained from Ralph Gibson, Honorary Secretary of
the SMTF. Tel: 020 7370 3002 (at RIA Novosti) / Eml: smtf@nullhotmail.co.uk


The Memorial

The Soviet War Memorial in London was unveiled on May 9, 1999. It is
dedicated to the 27,000,000 Soviet war dead of 1941-1945. The Soviet
Memorial Trust Fund [SMTF] organises three main ceremonies at the Memorial
each year – on January 27 (Holocaust Memorial Day), May 9 (Victory Day –
as marked in Russia and eastern Europe), and Remembrance Sunday in
November. SMTF postal address: SMTF, 320 Brixton Road, London SW9 6AB.

The planned programme of events on Monday, May 9, 2011 is as follows:

10.50 am – Participants gather at the Soviet War Memorial, located in the
Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, adjacent to the Imperial War Museum
London, Lambeth Road, SE1 6HZ. (Standard Bearers are asked to arrive by
10.15 am to meet Parade Marshal Peter Stoddart)

11.00 am – Standards process to the Memorial with the Mayor of Southwark.
Act of Remembrance led by SMTF Chairman Philip Matthews begins. Following
addresses from the Mayor of Southwark, the Russian Ambassador and local MP
Simon Hughes, wreaths will be laid at the Memorial by them and the
Ambassadors from CIS countries, war veterans and other organisations
supporting the work of the SMTF. The Last Post and Exhortation will be
followed by a TWO MINUTE SILENCE. Following the playing of Reveille,
Philip Matthews will make some closing remarks.

11.50 am – Act of Remembrance ends.

Following the formal Act of Remembrance, the Russian Ambassador, on behalf
of all the CIS ambassadors present, will invite veterans to join him in a
"Toast to Victory" close to the Memorial.

2.00 – 3.30 pm
In the Cinema of the Imperial War Museum London, premiere of the
documentary film Hurricanes to Murmansk. Introduced by Sir Roderic Lyne,
former UK Ambassador to Russia. It is hoped several veterans of RAF 151
Wing will be present to answer questions following the screening.

NB: Although screening is free-of-charge, it is highly recommended that
people reserve seats by telephoning the IWM in advance on 020 7416 5439
and collecting tickets on May 9 from the reception desk in the Main Atrium
inside the Museum.

Hurricanes to Murmansk is a documentary film about a secret Anglo-Soviet
air operation following the Nazi invasion of Russia in June 1941.
Churchill sent a complete RAF Wing of Hurricane fighter aircraft on board
the first Arctic convoy to North Russia in August 1941, to protect the
strategic port of Murmansk – the vital supply route for war materials to
the Soviet Union for the remainder of World War Two. RAF pilots provided
fighter escort to Russian bombers and successfully flew joint operations
against the Luftwaffe. They also trained Russian pilots to fly the
aircraft and enabled the formation of Soviet Hurricane fighter squadrons.
The one hour documentary draws on interviews with surviving veterans,
unique archive footage and stills, and comment from historians Antony
Beevor and Richard Overy. The story concludes with a recent auction at
Sotheby's, where a unique medal made a surprise appearance.

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