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A walk in the woods

17th October 2011

Dear All
You might be interested in seeing this.

Best wishes

Hi Ute,

Nice to speak to you just now. As mentioned, we have just opened a
production called A WALK IN THE WOODS.
Written Lee Blessing over 20 years ago, the play is based on meetings that
happened between American and Soviet arms negotiators, in Geneva in the
midst of the Cold War, but it offers a very different perspective to what
one might expect from an American playwright writing at that time:

“In real life Paul Nitze, the American, was the older of the two.
Kvitsinsky was significantly younger and new to his job. I switched these
qualities for the play. It was important to me that the Russian be not
only the experienced one but also the more charming and humorous of the
two. I wanted him to surprise an American audience, to ‘disarm’ them in a
sense”- Lee Blessing

I am really keen to ensure Russians in London, or those with an interest
in Russia currently and historically, are informed that the play is on,
and I wondered if you would be able to share details with members of The
GB Russia Society?

We have just confirmed a special panel discussion this Thursday after the
play. It is very short notice simply but as it is so rare for each of the
four experts to be in London, we felt we could not pass up the
opportunity. One of the speakers is Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov a leading expert
on international security and foreign policy of the Russian Federation. I
thought this might be of particular interest to the society and have
therefore set up a special offer.

More details about the play and the panel discussion are below.
I’d be extremely grateful if you could let me know if it might be possible
to send on these details?

Best wishes

Holly Conneely
Marketing Director

Tricycle Theatre, Cinema & Gallery
269 Kilburn High Road
020 7372 6611

A WALK IN THE WOODS plus panel discussion: Nuclear Negotiations Now
Thursday 20 Oct, 8pm
Tricycle Theatre

Set in the midst of the Cold War, this powerful and startling play
dramatises a stand-off between US and Soviet arms negotiators as they
battle for supremacy. Full of tension and humour, the relationship between
two experts evolves as they stroll in the woods above Geneva, away from
the glare of the negotiating table. But will this escape lead to a true
breakthrough or just more posturing?

‘Go to the street. Ask the man: “Do you want to get rid of all nuclear
weapons right now?” Of course, he will say yes.
Then ask “Are you willing to give up your country’s power, prestige and
predominance in the world?” He will say no.
But the two questions are the same.’

Get £12 tickets (usually £18) when you book online or by phone with the
promotional code NuclearNow
Advanced booking only.

Box Office: 020 7328 1000 www.tricycle.co.uk

Plus post-show discussion
Nuclear Negotiations Now

Panellists include:

Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov President of PIR Center, Editor-in-Chief of Security
Index journal and a leading expert on international security and foreign
policy of the Russian Federation. He has focused his research on threats
and challenges to international security, nuclear disarmament and
non-proliferation issues.

Dr Randy Rydell
Senior Political Affairs Officer in the Office of Mr. Sergio Duarte, the
High Representative for Disarmament Affairs at the United Nations.
Previously Senior Counsellor and Report Director of the Weapons of Mass
Destruction Commission (Blix Commission 2005-2006) and Senior Fellow at
the Arms Control Association in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Jianqun Teng
Director and research fellow of the Centre for Arms Control and
International, China Institute of International Studies, a think tank of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. In the past few years, Dr.
Teng has published several dozens of articles on the issues of arms
control, disarmament, and nonproliferation, in addition to authoring
numerous reports and books.

Ambassador Wa'el Al-Assad
Director of Multilateral Relations at the Headquarters of the League of
Arab States in Cairo. In 2001 he established the Department of Disarmament
Affairs in the Arab League and became its Director. He was also the
Director of International Organizations Department in the League since
2000. He has a number of published papers and articles on Security,
Disarmament issues and international relations.

A special event in collaboration with WMD Awareness Programme.

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