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Building a peaceful and better world through sport

12th August 2012

Dear All
I received this and am circulating in case it is of interest.


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Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal

This message is exclusively for friendship societies linked to the 51 founder members of the United Nations which attended the first meeting of the UN General Assembly held in 1946 in the Great Hall of Central Hall Westminster, opposite Westminster Abbey.

On Thursday 16 August at 4pm, Ambassadors and High Commissioners to London will meet in the same Great Hall to endorse their governments’ co-sponsorship of the UK-led UN Resolution “to promote the Olympic Truce among Member States and support for human development initiatives through sport and to co-operate with the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the sporting community in general.” This was agreed by their colleagues in New York in October 2011.

We invite members of the friendship societies of the 51 founder member nations to join us for this unique event which will last 75 minutes. We want all your countries to be prominently represented during the event and ask you to nominate one male and one female to join the stage party. The ceremony will feature the presentation of the Ambassadors’ Letters of Support of the Olympic Truce and statements will be made by young people in the UK and other countries who are ‘taking forward the legacy’ in the spirit of the United Nations resolution. Members of the United Nations Veterans Association will carry the flags of the United Nations and the Olympic Truce. The theme of the ceremony will be uplifting and link to the Winter Olympics, Sochi 2014 and Summer Olympics, Rio de Janiero, 2016.

I do hope all 51 countries will be represented on this historic and symbolic occasion. I ask you to confirm receipt of this email, indicating who will be your contact person. We will take it from there.

The Great Hall is large and attendance is free to all but registration by email is necessary to help us plan. A photographic exhibition of the work of the UN and its peacekeepers will be displayed from 3pm and Central Hall Westminster has an excellent all day cafeteria.

With kind regards,

David Wardrop, Chairman
United Nations Association Westminster Branch

0207 385 6738

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