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Accommodation needed

5th September 2012

Dear All

Request from Andrei Putilov via the Scotland Russia Forum

Kind regards


Dear Londoners I’m sending this to some of the London-based people on our mailing list. Please see below. Andrei is a schoolteacher from Kachkanar in theUrals. He hosted one of our members for 5 months last year in returnfor her help with English classes. I’d really like to help him! If any of you know of someone prepared to offer a room (or can helpyourself) please let me know as soon as possible.

Best wishes Jenny Carr

*From:*Andrei Putilov [mailto:[removed]]*Sent:* 31 August 2012 13:40*To:* [removed]*

Subject:* urgent

Hi Jenny, How are you? I’m sorry but I need your help. I know it sounds crazy. Anyway, do you think it’s complete mad to put this in the newsletter,well, at least let me explain may be you can help or give advice: Doris McCann, the volunteer from Scotland invited me and Larisaanother teacher and her son and grandson to stay with her in Cromarty,Scotland, so we are flying to Heathrow and then to Inverness and will bewith Doris for a few days(12-18 September) .

After that we`re going to stay in London for 5 days forsightseeing and such, from September, 19 until September, 23 (I’mleaving for Moscow late at night 23 Sept).Larisa’s family are leavingone day later. Why I need your help. Iam sorry but perhaps you know any members ofScotland Russia forum that are willing to help:

I need freeaccommodation 4(fours nights) 19-23 September in London (Larisa and herfamily have money and they booked a hotel, but I have to economisesorry) May be anyone is aware of the friendly people that can host aRussian teacher for 4 nights. I don’t need any special facilities oranything, just to have a shower and a bed.

Please tell me what youthink. Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you, Andrei Putilov P.S may be you can ask Britain- Russian association if they know peoplethat are willing to help?

Thank you.
andrei putilov

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