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Wednesfday's special expose

14th May 2016


To all members of the GB-Russia Society

This coming Wednesday 18th May we have a truly fascinating and illustrated talk about Paul Dukes, who went to Russia in 1909 as a young man.

He took a position as a language teachar in Riga, Latvia. He later moved to St Petersburg, having been recruited personally by Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the first “C” of M16 (SIS), to act as a secret agent in Imperial Russia., relying on his fluency in the Russian language. At the time he was employed at the Petrograd Conservatoire as a concert pianist and deputy conductor to Albert Coates. In his new capacity as sole British Agent in Russia, he set up elaborate plans to help prominent White Rusians escape from Soviet prisons and smuggled hundreds of them into Finland.


Known as the “Man of a Hundred Faces”, Dukes continued his use of disguises, which aided him in assuming a numbder of identities and gained him access to numerous Bolshevik organizations. He successfully infiltrated the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Comintern, and the political police, or CHEKA. Dukes also learned of the inner workings of the Politburo, and passed information to British intelligence.

He returned to Britain a distinguished hero, and in 1920, stll under 30 years of age, was knighted by King George V, who called Dukes the “greatest of all soldiers”. To this day, Dukes is the only person knighted based entirely on his exploits in espionage.

Makle sure that you book up and attend this fascinating talk on Wednesday May 18th. Real ‘cloak and dagger excitement’! RIVETING!

Best wishes

Daniel Salbstein

Temporary talks organizer.


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