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Visits by Russian journalists – Autumn 2019

26th September 2019

Dear All,

Members of the Society may be interested to know that the Thomson Reuters Foundation has for the third consecutive year arranged a programme this autumn of week-long, working press visits to London and the UK for small groups of Russian journalists. The programme is funded by the British Embassy in Moscow.

The programme organiser is Richard Meares, a London-based Russian-speaking journalist and journalism trainer for the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Each visit will focus on a different theme. The first group, which came here during the week of 16th September, concentrated on diplomacy and international relations. The Foreign Office and RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) were naturally involved in that visit.

Future visits are planned to take place as follows:

· w/c 30 September – Climate change and new technologies

· w/c 21 October – Technology sector and smart cities (transport, health-care)

· w/c 18 November – Higher education

· 9 December – Devolved administration and governance

· Second half of January – Recycling and waste management

· First half of February – Freedom of speech/expression

· Early March – COP26 (= 26th Conference of the Parties – the global conference on climate change to be hosted by Glasgow in November 2020) and climate negotiations/politics

I have told Richard Meares that both he and the visiting journalists are most welcome to attend any of the Society’s forthcoming talks. I have also asked him to let me know if any of the visitors would like to give a talk to the Society.

If any of you have contacts or expertise in any of these areas – or simply have a particular interest in these topics – and would like to meet the journalists during their time here, do please let me know and we will see if, together with Reuters, we could arrange a meeting.

If you would be interested in assisting Richard to develop contacts in your area of interest, please feel free to contact him direct at richard@nullmeares.co.uk or richardmeares@nullgmail.com.

Many thanks
David Brummell



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