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Carnegie Moscow Center

21st October 2019

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From: Carnegie Moscow Center <info@nullcarnegie.ru>
Date: 18 October 2019 at 14:23:25 BST

Subject: The Way Forward for Russia and the EU, Rehabilitating Stalin, Ukraine’s Toxic History Politics, and More
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The Global Think Tank

Carnegie Moscow Center

Dmitri Trenin argues that new security architecture in Europe will grow out of Moscow’s ongoing confrontation with Washington, and China’s relationships with Russia and the United States.

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Commentary and Analysis
Putin Welcomes Stalin Back to the Pantheon

Foreign Affairs | The Putin regime has no achievements of its own, so it is forced to make do with those of the bygone Soviet era, argues Andrei Kolesnikov in this analysis of the reasons behind recent attempts in Russia to rehabilitate the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

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Ukraine Prepares to Grasp the Nettle of Its History Politics—Again

Carnegie.ru commentary | Ukraine’s history politics must become more inclusive and move away from the extremes of revolutionary fervor. Crucially, the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory must not be allowed to be monopolized by representatives of a single political persuasion, writes Georgiy Kasianov.

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Unorthodox Appeal: Russian Priests Defend Moscow Protesters

Carnegie.ru commentary | The open letter written by Russian Orthodox priests in defense of those imprisoned over recent protests is the first time the clergy has ever taken collective action not sanctioned by church authorities, observes Ksenia Luchenko.

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Last Chance Saloon: The Race to Grab Russia’s Reserves

Carnegie.ru commentary | The National Wealth Fund is a last-chance source of large amounts of money for Russia’s state capitalists, but dispensing the fund’s surplus to the chosen few in full view of an irate public growing poorer for the fifth year in a row is a political risk, writes Alexandra Prokopenko.

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Why Japanese Investment in Russian LNG Is an Isolated Deal

Carnegie.ru commentary | Analyzing the recent purchase of a stake in Novatek’s Arctic LNG 2 project by a Japanese consortium, James Brown concludes that if the Russian government doesn’t quickly begin work on improving the country’s investment climate, the deal will remain a small island of success in a vast sea of missed opportunities.

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