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Great Britain-Russia Society: talk by Dr Robert Henderson at 7.00 pm, Thursday, 29 October

24th October 2020




Lenin, London, and the Russian Revolution


Dear All,


We are all looking forward to Robert Henderson’s talk next Thursday (29 October) on Lenin, London and the Revolution. His talk will of course be based on his book, The Spark that Lit Revolution: Lenin in London and the politics that changed the world, was published in March 2020 by Bloomsbury/Tauris. For members who book for this talk, the publishers have kindly agreed to provide a 30% discount on the normal purchase price of the book. A discount code will be provided to you when we send you the invitation with the Zoom link shortly before the talk.


Dr Robert Henderson is an honorary research fellow in the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) School of History. An alumnus of the University of Glasgow and QMUL who previously served as the British Library’s Russian curator, he is the author, most recently, of The Spark That Lit Revolution: Lenin in London and the politics that changed the world (2020).


While history is almost never the result of individual actions, there are certain individuals who have had an outsized impact on events, and who it is crucial to understand if we are to make sense of our world. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is one of those individuals. Robert Henderson has meticulously researched Lenin’s period in London and how it shaped his world view, not least through his interactions with other exiled revolutionaries with a much smaller historical footprint. His talk will explore how this time impacted the young revolutionary who would go on to lead the world’s first Communist state.


GBRS Zoom talks all cost £5 per household booking.  You may book online at www.gbrussia.org or send me a cheque in the usual way.  All those who have booked will receive an email from our Hon Secretary, Henry Pares, with a link to the event, the evening before the talk, inviting them to take part by clicking on the link. If you don’t receive the link, please let me know and I will forward it on to you.


The speaker will address the Society for around 45 minutes, and this will be followed by a half-hour question and answer session. When participants join, we request that they mute their microphones for the whole talk. During the question and answer session, anyone wishing to ask a question, should click on the ‘Raise hand’ icon that will be visible on the screen and wait to be invited by the chairman to speak. They would at that point, unmute their microphone.

Best wishes



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