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Talks in Russian? and Petr Safronov 7pm on Thursday 12 November

7th November 2020

Dear All,


We are looking at organising occasional talks in the Russian language and wondered whether you could let me know if you would, in principle, be interested in attending these please?  If there is sufficient interest, we will see what we can do.


Also, a quick reminder for our next talk:

Petr Safronov: Education after the Soviet Collapse: Is It Really Post-Ideological? – 7.00 pm, Thursday, 12 November

In the Soviet Union Communism was not simply a political and economic platform, it was an all-encompassing set of normative and ideological values. Education played a crucial role in the Soviet system by embedding these values in the young. The discrediting of Communism, the Soviet collapse and the transition to the market left an ideological void in education policy, one that the Kremlin has attempted to fill over the last decades. In this lecture, Petr Safronov will analyse the impact of the transition to capitalism on the educational system as a whole and show how ‘ideological’ education has changed in post-Soviet Russia.

Petr Safronov is one of Russia’s foremost experts on the history and practice of educational policy. He studied philosophy at the Moscow State University, where he later lectured before rising to become Dean of the Philosophy and Social Department at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. From 2014 to 2018 he headed the Masters programme on Evidence-Based Educational Policy at Moscow’s prestigious Higher School of Economics. In addition to educating a new generation of scholars, Safronov was responsible for initiating dialogue with the various stakeholders in Russian education and formulating new policy solutions to the country’s educational challenges.

Best wishes


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